Relationship Between Disability And Mobility

Disability is not inability. Approximately 50 million disabled people in America live self-affirming and independent lives. These people do not define themselves based on their state but their ideas, hopes, and dreams. Society has come to respect and accept disabled people though this has not always been the case.

The Disability Revolution

In the mid-1900, people living with disabilitietgwed6y2e7du28i292o022s were ignored and regarded as inferior. They have had to fight for recognition and against harmful stereotypes. They were regarded as people who had nothing to contribute to society, and many of them were even placed in psychiatric hospitals. The shift started when America elected a president with a disability, President Roosevelt. He was a great advocate for the disabled.

The Current State

The society has fully accepted people with disabilities, and many of them even hold high positions in the government and private sector. Many organizations have been formed to protect the rights of people with disabilities. People living with disabilities have equal opportunity for employment in the federal government. Discriminating against disabled people is illegal, and the state can easily sue you.

Full Independence

Most people living with disabilities loathe the attention given to them. They do not like being dependent on someone especially in the prime years of their lives. If you are living with someone with a disability, you ought to give them this independence by providing equipment that will help them function easily. Choosing disabled transportation system is extremely important as it enhances independence. Even if they are using private vehicles for transportation, disabled people will still need to move from their vehicle.

Role to Play

Indepentg2e6y7eudc8u2i29o22dence does not mean negligence. You have to help when a disabled person asks for help. The transportation system has to be easy to use and very comfortable. A wheel chair that can easily be folded and put in the car is the best. Ensure that the person with the disability can fold and dismantle the chair to fit in the car. Hoists and lifts can be installed by local dealers or vehicle adaptation companies.

ADA and transportation of disabled people

The federal government has put in place certain requirements in all buildings so as to accommodate a physically challenged person. The Americans with Disabilities (ADA) has continually increased the mobility of people with disabilities. There are lifts on buses, ramps, curb cuts and many other access designs to ensure that people with disabilities are completely independent. Rail systems are also required to have fully accessible vehicles and transfer points.

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